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Lemon Titty | jar |

Lemon Titty | jar |


Driving in my brother's car, we spot a lemon tree just down the road from our childhood home. We debate slightly, but then decide to pull over. My brother runs over,  picks some lemons, runs back and drops them in my lap. I pick one up and its a lemon titty staring right back at me.


Cast from a real lemon titty we found! 2020 has been wild but when life gives you lemon titties you just gotta make something beyond lemonade.


(If you purchase a pre-order item, the jars will take about 12 business days to be made.  If you are purchasing other goods with the lemon titty jar, please be advised that they will be shipped together once the jar is made. Many thanks for your patience!) 


Measures about 8 x 6.5cm.

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